COVID -19 Info

Dear guests,

Due to the current situation and uncertainties, we had to adapt to the changes needs and modify our business policy, while trying to offer the highest quality and most personalized service to each of our guests.
The health and safety of our guests and employees are our top priority, for that reason we had to adjust some business processes and rais standards to make sure that we minimize risks related to the spread of coronavirus and to ensure maximum safety for everyone. We respectfully request that You consider the preventive measures and recommendations in order to protect yourself and others.

Due to proper response and diligently followed safety measures Villa Tuttorotto got national recognition "Safe stay".

Safe stay in Croatia

Therefore, we kindly ask You to read and respect the following guidelines:

- keep your social distance
- wash and disinfect your hands frequently
- avoid touching your face, nose and eyes
- cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when You cough or sneeze
- utilize face masks and disposable gloves
- follow guidelines and recommendations of local and state health departments
- in case of any symptoms of a disease, stay in your room, inform immediately reception by phone and follow next procedure: Procedure in case of symptoms of disease

- sanitize your hands before arriving at the reception area
- avoid close contact with employees
- reduce the time spent at the reception in the shortest possible time
- utilize contactless payment where possible
- check-in online before your arrival via the link in booking confirmation
- announce check-out time in advance for the purpose of organizing and preparing the invoice
- use as much as possible other forms of comunication (telephone/e-mail)

- it is obligatory to disinfect your hands before consuming drinks and food
- tables and chairs should be wiped over at the end of each use with disinfectant
- all areas intended for serving and consuming food must be regulary well-ventilated, thoroughly cleaned and disinfected
- food is prepared according to a strictly prescribed hygiene standards with frequent disinfection of all surfaces and objects

- rooms and bathrooms are cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis, especially the surfaces and objects inside the room that are most often used and touched
- rooms are regulary ventilated up to several times a day
- employees are using protective face mask and gloves during the cleaning process
- if You prefer that the cleaning lady does not enter your room on a daily basis or if You desire extra cleaning during the day, please contact reception

- hand sanitizers are at your disposal in all common areas
- avoid staying for too long in the same room at the same time as other people and maintain social distance between yourself and others
- common areas are regulary aerated, cleaned and disinfected, especially all surfaces and objects that are most frequently touched and used

Our Team is making the maximum effort in order to provide You a pleasant and comfortable stay in Rovinj and Villa Tuttorotto, but above all to ensure You a safe stay in our hotel with continuously following up the epidemiological situation and preventive recommendations and measures. We want to thank You for your understanding, support and respecting all the health safety guidelines and we hope that You will soon spend some unforgettable moments in Rovinj and Villa Tuttorotto.

Villa Tuttorotto & Villetta Phasiana Team

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