Terms and Conditions


Confirmation of the reservation is sent to the guest in writing, e-mail, fax or mail (as agreed), and includes confirmation of the reservation and contracted services, if the service is guaranteed by advance payment or authorized credit card.

The written confirmation of the reservation must contain the name and surname of the guest, information on the type and type of accommodation, the date of stay and the conditions of cancellation.

The exception is a telephone reservation without a written confirmation which can be accepted as a late reservation made by telephone up to 24 hours before the date of arrival. For late bookings, the property reserves the right to request a credit card guarantee as well as authorization and is valid without written confirmation of the booking.


At the moment of reservation a credit card guarantee or an advance payment in the amount of first night per reserved unit is required for the purpose of booking a service.

A valid credit card is only required as a guarantee and will not be charged at the time of booking, unless otherwise stated in the offer. The accommodation facility reserves the right to authorize the guest's credit card in the amount of the first night per accommodation unit, and in case of denied credit card authorization by the bank, the accommodation facility reserves the right to refuse the guest's reservation.

The reservation is valid after the confirmed authorization of the credit card for the guarantee, the payment of the advance for the guarantee, the payment of the full amount of the cost of the reserved services or the confirmation of the credit card payment in full or in part the amount of the reserved services.


Best Available Rate and other special offers - best cancellation policy

Free of charge cancellation from 7 to 2 days prior to date of arrival depending on reserved rate plan and special offers. For cancellations after that time or no show the amount of the first night per reserved unit will be charged.

Early Booker offers

Free of charge cancellation up to 30 days prior to date off arrival. For cancellations after that time or in case of no-show the amount of the first night per reserved unit will be charged.

Prepaid Non Refundable

Non refundable or prepaid reservation cannot be changed or canceled. The accommodation will charge the full amount of the reservation immediately upon booking or at the time of the agreed deposit payment. In case of cancellation or no-show without prior cancellation, the accommodation facility will keep the paid deposit in full.


Valid price of the service shall be specifically described in the proposal received by the Online booking system or by reservation center. Contracted services can not be combined with other promotional offers or packages. In case of any changes or variations in booked services, the Official rates will be charged. For services which have not been used, no refunds are possible. Extra services not included in the price are to be paid individually by the guest and ordered on request at the moment of registration or payed for on the spot as agreed. The prices in Euro are for informational purposes. We reserve the right to reject, cancel or modify reservations where it appears that the reservation contain or have resulted from a mistake or error.


 Terms of use:

A gift voucher can be a value gift voucher for a certain amount or it can be a personalized gift voucher for a specific service listed on a personalized gift voucher.

A value gift voucher is used in a way that the total amount of the booked service is reduced by the value of the gift voucher after consuming the service, and the personalized gift voucher is replaced by a specific service provided in a particular property.

Gift vouchers can be used at Villa Tuttorotto in Rovinj, and at Villetta Phasiana in Fažana in exchange for accommodation service or wellness services in Fažana, regardless of where the gift voucher was purchased.

Services that will be used in exchange for a gift voucher must be booked exclusively directly by phone, e-mail or through the official accommodation property's website.

Services booked through travel agencies or other booking platforms cannot be provided in exchange for a value voucher.

The services to be used in exchange for the gift voucher must be booked in advance and the reservation must be confirmed by the property where the services will be used.

Each gift voucher has its own serial number, not in the name of a person because each gift voucher can be transferred to another person. 

The same general terms and conditions apply to the services for which the voucher is issued, as well as the conditions of cancellation policy from the standard price list at the time of making the reservation and its confirmation. 

The gift voucher serves as a guarantee for the reservation and in case of late cancellation of the reservation after the cancellation period expired, or in case of no- show, the value voucher will be considered as used.

Gift vouchers can only be used for services at standard prices and it is not possible to get special prices or additional discounts on the price of the service that will be provided in exchange for a gift voucher.

Gift vouchers are valid for 2 years from the date of issue, and can be used throughout the year unless the personalized gift voucher is limited to a certain period.


The accommodation property can enable its guests and everyone else to participate in a giveaway, in which it gives participants a certain prize or gift. Giveaway is most often organized through social networks or can be organized at the accommodation property.

Giveaway may be canceled, interrupted or put on hold in case of special circumstances for which the accommodation property is not responsible. Participants will be informed of new circumstances. The accommodation property in that case is not liable to the participants for possible damage.

All adult persons have the right to participate except employees of the accommodation property/company, as well as members of their immediate families.

The gift and its value, the way of taking the gift and its delivery, as well as the conditions of use, must be determined by the publication of competition. If the winner does not respond within a certain period, or rejects to accept the gift, he loses the right to it, and the accommodation property has the right to decide on the further process of giving.

The gift can not be exchanged for money, is not transferred to third parties and can only be used by the person to whom the gift is made.

It is considered that each participant by participating in the giveaway confirms that he is familiar with these rules and conditions of participation.

By participating in the giveaway, each participant accepts the General terms & rules, and agrees with the Privacy policy of the accommodation property and explicitly authorizes the accommodation property to collect and process the necessary personal data for the purpose of giveaway.

All further obligations of the accommodation property towards the winner cease after the use of the gift by the winner.


Additional costs of basic services accommodation costs tourist tax which is transferred to the local tourist board.

Tourist tax:

 1,10 € (January - March, October- December) per person per day

 1,60 € (April- September) per person per day

Children up to the age of 12 do not pay the residence tax; children aged from 12 to 18 pay 50% of the residence tax.

All other additional costs of booked services must be clearly stated in the booking confirmation, while other costs that are not the subject of the reservation and costs of services not provided by the accommodation facility such as arrival / departure to / from the accommodation facility, parking costs or similar can only be stated informatively by the accommodation property that is not responsible for the same.


Accommodation property holds the right to change the price if exchange rate fluctuations force an increase of the price as agreed at the moment of issuing the prices (over 0,5 %) or changes of the partner fees. Notifications on price change are to be made in person or in writing way. A guest may cancel the reservation without covering expenses of cancellation if an increase of the agreed-upon price amounts 10 %, no later than 48 hours upon receipt of the written notice. In case the cancellation has not been made in person or in writing by the guest within a said period of time a guest is considered to have agreed upon the price change. Prices shown are the result of an agreement between accommodation property and its partners and may differ from the prices shown on the spot of the visited destination.


Villa Tuttorotto

Room in Villa Tuttorotto is available from 14.00 on arrival day. Room must be vacated no later than 11.00 on departure day.

Residences Villetta Garibaldi and Villetta Istriana 

Residences  Villetta Garibaldi and Villetta Istriana are available from 16.00 on arrival day. Residences must be vacated no later than 10.00 on departure day.

Room/residences will be guaranteed until 20.00. In case of late arrival, please contact the hotel reception desk. Otherwise, we can't guaranty the providing of the agreed services.


It is the guest's sole and exclusive responsibility to have all the required travel documents. In case a guest fails to produce a valid document and if accommodation property suffered a damage therefrom, a guest shall balance or lessen the bad effect of damage. In case of loss of documents once the travel is in progress, any and all costs arising for issuing the document shall be borne by a guest. Accommodation property assumes no responsibility if any customs or police officers or any other country authorities deny a guest entry into their country.

Guests are also obligated to comply with foreign exchange and customs regulations, as well as laws and other regulations of the Republic of Croatia.


Room arrangement shall be defined by the reception at the place of stay. Unless a guest hasn't specifically booked a room having extra facilities on request, guest must accept any type of officially registered accommodation described in the proposal and the price list.

Due to the size of property and small number of accommodation units all special requests, as exact room number, room position or floor, are subject to availability and are not mandatory for accommodation facility. We always make maximum effort to carry out every wish of every guest, but in case of inability of fulfilling some requests we thank our guests for understanding.


Offered accommodation shall be described in compliance with an official categorization effective in Republic of Croatia at the moment of issuing the proposal, according to information received by hotel and its partners. Accommodation property shall not be liable for any information received in person or in written form by the third party other than services stated in the proposal. Accommodation property shall not be liable for any errors and omissions in the information provided by its business partners.


It is in the guests' interest to make a claim on the spot and immediately after the event that provoked the claim. In case the claim shall have no effect whatsoever the guest has to request a confirmation proving that the service failed to meet the agreed requirements. The confirmation must be enclosed with a claim made in writing within 8 days after tour completion. In case a guest fails to produce a claim in writing within the said period accommodation property  is not obliged to take it into consideration. In case a claim is made abroad a guest is required to respect the rules of putting in the claim, providing the confirmation on the spot and respecting the deadline for putting in the claim. It is accommodation property's duty to lodge a written decision against the claim. Accommodation property shall only be dealing with claims that cannot be dealt with on the spot. During the said procedure, a guest shall irrevocably renounce the interference of any other person, arbitration of any other institution as well as release any information into media. Within a said period a guest shall also renounce the right of submitting charges. The highest amount of the refund for the claim can reach the amount of the part of the service for which the claim was made whereas it cannot include already used services as well as the full price of the package. A guest and Accommodation property  shall try to settle amicably and to mutual satisfaction any disputes that might arise. Should they be unable to do so they shall refer to any such disputes to the County Court in Pula for final settlement. Applicable law shall be Croatian law.


Accommodation property shall be responsible for the regular implementation of the services and offer a choice of those who provide the same in the capacity of successful manager as well as for protection the guests' rights and interests according to quality standards in tourism. It is also responsible to offer a guest the arranged services for a particular package or give explanation due to incomplete or full failure to carry out the services. All the obligations described in the itineraries Accommodation property shall carry out as described except in case of force majeure, bad weather or changed circimstances. If possible in such cases an alternative services will be provided. Accommodation property is not obliged to offer the services that are not specifically described in these Conditions.


Guest is obliged to fulfill the conditions personally in compliance with regulations of Republic of Croatia, as well as to obey House Rules in the hotel or other accommodation units and to cooperate with the representatives and provider of the service. A guest is solely liable for the damage he/she caused, especially if it is a result of noncompliance with regulations and General Conditions described above. Any and all costs arising of the damage caused by a guest shall be borne by a guest at the hotel reception or any other place defined by individual or legal person to whom a damage was caused.


These General conditions are subject to an Agreement between a guest and accommodation property. Unless otherwise stated in the proposal no alterations of any term of these General Conditions are allowed. By confirming the reservation in written or in person, guest commits that he/she fully understands and accepts General conditions of reservations described in this page.


Accommodation properties; Villa Tuttorotto, Villetta Phasiana, Villetta Garibaldi and Villetta Istriana in the General Terms and Conditions represent:

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